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Company Spirit:
Innovating & Enterprising

Company Tenet:
Develop and Make First-class Entertainment Equipment

Company Culture:
We focus on continuous development due to our sincerity and obligation to every customer. Everyone in Qiangsheng has his chance to exert his own ability as development of Qiangsheng is in accordance with development of its members.

Guiding Rule
Reduce Waste, Reduce Cost, Work Regularization and Safety Guarantee.

Management Law
Effective, Efficiency, Management and Perfection
People-oriented scientific and technological innovation
Talent is a guarantee of product quality, product innovation to ensure that scientific research is the prerequisite.

"Tak main strengths" is the fundamental way to employing people, we establish a set of advanced personnel selection, assessment, training and incentive mechanisms for each staff to provide suitable space for development; At the same time, technology is the primary productive force, technology research and development related to the enterprise important. "Technology-leading" We as a source of innovation, strong metals rally a number of scientific and technological personnel from senior engineers and technical elite composed of professional R & D team, always maintained with the world’s advanced technologies simultaneously.